black and white bathroom

Black and White Bathroom Ideas

A black and white bathroom is one of the most classic design choices. It creates a fresh and clean feel, which is exactly what you want for the space. It is also extremely versatile in terms of styling. You can accent with stainless steel, gold, or brass, and you can accessorize with almost anything to make your look truly unique. Let’s take a look at a few black and white bathrooms, all of which have their own style.

The Modern Black and White Bathroom

First, let’s check out at a modern take on the classic look. Donna Mondi of Donna Mondi Interior Design created a black and white bathroom with big impact and modern style. The room is anchored with an art panel accent wall by Alex Turco. The panel sets the look for the space and defines the black and white palette. Alex Turco art panels can be ordered through Materials Marketing. The space is accented with silver hardware, mirrored drawers, a funky chandelier, along with a carved stool for a natural element.


black and white bathroom


The Industrial Black and White Bathroom

Next, let’s look at a more transitional, industrial look. Gerber Berend Design + Build created a truly unique take on the classic black and white bathroom. This space combines many traditional and contemporary elements and accents with a fresh industrial touch. The free-floating vanities are complemented by faucets made of industrial piping and contrast with the traditional tile floor. The space is anchored by an accent wall of our Nero Marble in a herringbone pattern. The full wall of marble feels very modern, yet the pattern adds a warmer traditional element to the space.


industrial black and white bathroom


The Luxe Black and White Bathroom

If you are looking for something fancy, black and white offers the perfect backdrop for a luxe bathroom. This luxurious space designed by Jauregui Architecture and Interiors screams luxury. The space is decked out in marble finishes and of course is complete with a clawfoot freestanding tub. The vanity takes center stage in this space, with a floral black and white accent wall, ornate mirror, and red accent chair. Here at Materials Marketing, we have many black and white marbles to choose from, like Nero, Danby, Carrara, and more.


luxe black and white bathroom


The Traditional Black and White Bathroom

Finally, black and white is great for traditional and classic spaces. Pam Kelley of Pam Kelley Designs created a beautiful traditional space in this bathroom. The freestanding tub sits in an alcove of black and white marble and is accented with sconces. A gold tray serves as an accent piece and offers the perfect contrast to the clean and crisp look.


traditional black and white bathroom


Who wouldn’t want to relax in any of these amazing bathroom spaces? From art panels to black and white marble, Materials Marketing can help you pick the perfect materials to create your dream black and white bathroom in any style.

Ready to start your project or have more questions about design? Reach out to one of our design assistants today. We’d be happy to help!