Honed Stone vs. Polished Stone: Which Look is Right for You?

When picking out and finalizing your stone choice, the finish determines the final look and feel of the material. Two popular natural stone finishes are honed and polished. But what is the difference between the two? Let’s explore honed stone vs. polished stone.


Similarities and Differences

There are a few similarities between the two. They both have a smooth, even surface, and we produce these finishes with square edges as opposed to rough or hand-chipped edges. The main difference between the two is that the honed stone has a matte finish, while the polished stone has a high gloss finish.

polished stone

Design and Application

The smooth and velvety touch of honed stone gives a warm and elegant feel to your space. It is not as reflective as polished stone, but this gives a more delicate and approachable look. Honed stone is easily incorporated into any design and works well in any space. This finish is great for high traffic areas, because it is not as slippery as polished stone and is less prone to scratching.
The glossy feel of polished stone offers a richer and more luxurious look. This finish is perfect for more formal areas and can be incorporated into most high-end design schemes. The glossy finish of the stone does not work as well for high traffic areas, because it can be slippery and more easily scratched than the honed option. However, it works perfectly in low traffic areas, as accents on a fireplace, or as a backsplash.

honed stone


Stone Care by Finish

Caring for your natural stone also varies based on the finish you choose. Honed stone requires more resealing than polished stone. Polished stone has a lower rate of absorption and is also more stain resistant because of its glossy finish. However, polished stone is more prone to scratching than honed. When cleaning both, it is always best to avoid any abrasive or acidic cleaners and to use soft cleaning pads and natural cleaners.

honed stone

When it comes down to it, the look and finish is up to you! Honed is great for a variety of spaces and offers elegance with an approachable, warm feel. Polished is great for achieving that high-end look. Here at Materials Marketing, we can create any finish you want. We even offer more finishes like the antique look of our French Quarter finish and chiseled edge of our Parisian finish.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us and we will be happy to share.