Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Bathroom remodels can be a dream come true — or your worst nightmare. A well designed and executed remodel, whether consisting of small-scale upgrades or a complete gutting of the space, will leave you with a room you can love and live in for decades.

When things go wrong, however, they can get ugly fast and have long-term consequences. A bathroom gets hot, cold, moist and dry — making it a tricky space. Electricity flows near running water, so a well-done job is imperative!

Want to skip the bathroom blues during your remodel? Avoid these six common mistakes on your way to updated bathroom success.

Inadequate Ventilation

Adequate bathroom ventilation is important to combat humidity, which can become a serious issue leading to very expensive repairs for mold remediation a few years later. A bathroom remodel will be expensive, but if you have any doubt about how much is enough, ask an expert. Even with properly installed ventilation, the fan has to run for it to work. No one likes to leave a bathroom fan running for hours, but you shouldn’t turn it off while the mirror is still fogged up. A small additional investment in a Leviton Countdown timer switch can save a lot of long-term expense and drama.

Breaking the Rules

Get a permit for the construction, and hire a licensed contractor to do a portion of the work or approve plans. Cutting corners and bypassing the middle man may save money — but beware. If you’re on the wrong side of the law, or any regulations, you might be breaching your homeowners insurance policy. If the work doesn’t stand the test of time, and you need to follow a claim, you could be denied payment.

Too Trendy

If you won’t like it in 20 years, it’s probably a poor choice for a long-term fixture. Instead of funky fabric drapes, choose quality Blindster roman shades that will stand up to daily use and be easy to keep clean. A hip, edgy sink and faucet might look great in the showroom, but will they look good in your home for years to come? Choose items that work well together and are a good canvas for accessories. If you want to change the feel of the room in five years, do it with towels and knick-knacks rather than replacing the floor tiles.

No Storage

Minimal and streamlined styles are trendy, but leaving things strewn about because you failed to identify what a room is used for is not so cool. You’ll need room to store bulky towels, washcloths and floor mats. Cleaning products are often kept where they are used, but no one wants to look at a plunger or a toilet brush. Make sure there is plenty of space to hang wet towels and to store infrequently used items like hot rollers and daily items like a hairdryer. Once you’ve figured out what bathroom storage items you need, add 20 percent more — you’ll find something to put there.

Using the Wrong Materials

Harsh cleaners and negligence can easily damage porous materials, such as natural stone. Wall paper can absorb moisture and start to show wear and tear long before it would in a different room. Never choose matte paint for a bathroom, and be cautious when selecting fiber-based furniture products. The safest bet is to choose quality items designed for bathroom use.

Overvaluing the Space

If you plan to sell your home within a few years, be cautious about how much money you sink into renovations. You don’t want to build equity on your home you can’t get back when you sell it. Furthermore, if one room is of significantly higher quality than every other room, the imperfections elsewhere become amplified to potential homebuyers.

By avoiding these six bathroom remodeling mistakes, you are more likely to create a useful, well-designed space you’ll love.

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