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Deck & Patio Considerations with Architectural Stone

Architectural Stone

The following are a few things you may want to consider with Architectural Stone in the production of your deck and/or patio. This is largely based on current trends that I’ve noticed in home design and construction.

Two of MML’s travertines, Primavera and Latte, have proven most popular recently in the design and construction of patios and decks. They offer slightly different color values than might be typically seen in landscape design. Primavera is a warm, taupe color with a tight graining and Latte is light, creamy color with a swirling movement in its patterning.

Sizes and Shapes

I’ve also noticed that larger formats, such as our 18” x 36”, are here to stay. They can be used to replicate everything from a Spanish veranda or an old-world courtyard to a more modern linear design for the contemporary deck or patio.

Possible Finishes

When we address the finish of exterior stones, a honed finish is an option but we also offer others — for example our “Antico” and “French Quarter” finishes. The prior is an acid-washed procedure that roughs-up the surface of the stone and it’s great for decks because it is slip-resistant. The latter is used to create an antiqued or rustic look with irregular surfaces and a weathered appearance.

Above all, decks and patios differ depending on the geographic region of the home. I recommend that you contact an expert at a Materials Marketing showroom near you to help further investigate the latest trends in regards to exterior architectural stones.

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