Stone Veneer

Natural Stone Veneer

When a design plan calls for rustic or antique décor elements,very few things replicate the concept better than reclaimed stone flooring. Whether the creative inspiration comes from a European structure like an 18th-century château in France, a Gothic-period cobblestone plaza in Spain or an ancient domicile in Jerusalem — selecting the right color, stone and texture are key to a successful project.

Veneer is a generic term that refers to a facing of material, in this case stone, applied to another material. When considering natural stone, there is the choice of full stone or thin veneer. In both cases, weight, longevity, durability, color, and texture are serious factors to consider.

Natural stone veneer is obviously real stone that has been quarried or collected (i.e., fieldstone, river stone) and cut to size for use in a veneer and other applications. Every stone is different, so natural stone offers a myriad of colors, edging, and veining and creates many options for creative design and pattern creation.

Stone veneers can be used in either interior applications, such as fireplaces, or exterior ones, such as the outside of a building. However to achieve the best results, it is important to match the material to the individual job requirements. Most interior stone veneer projects do not involve exposure to the elements. The appropriate veneer for a chimney may not be the one that works for a retaining wall, and the needs of a fireplace are different from a water fountain basin.

Full dimensional stone is thicker and therefore heavier than thin veneer. The light weight of the thin approach is its primary advantage since it’s easier to handle, cut, trim, and set. On the other hand, the sheer visual solidity of full veneer is comforting to many a client.

Stone materials are diverse and offer great opportunities to create your personal vision. They can form just about any pattern, from brick bond to herringbone or the most imaginative and free-flowing customization. From contemporary feature walls to stove hoods, fireplaces to outdoor patios and BBQs, a quality stone veneer will help create the right look and feel to capture your vision. No matter what path you may choose in stone veneer, be certain to fully research product performance standards for each application and engage a qualified stone mason.

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