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Reclaimed Stone Finishes

As a design trend, the use of reclaimed natural stone and/or antique stone is certainly not new. It was over twenty five years ago that a good friend and mentor of mine began to import stone pavers that had been recovered from rural French locations into the United States. Whether the source is a French farmhouse, a Spanish cobblestoned plaza or a Middle Eastern home, then and now, what a great story can be told from a design expression point of view.

There is certainly an elegant romance in having a reclaimed stone floor, that may in fact be hundreds of years old, installed in your home. The visual tapestry presented and the historical intrigue of the pieces may lend an authenticity to a space that is visceral in its appeal.

With all that said, in our showrooms across America, professional designers and their clients challenge Materials Marketing to help them replicate a reclaimed stone “visual” that is both practical and budget friendly. To that end we have created a series of finishes as described below:

Chateau – lightly abraded surface with rounded edges, all tumbled.
Suede – lightly abraded surface with hand rounded edges.
Rustic – lightly acid etched surface with square edges.
Parisian – honed surface with hand chiseled edges.
Antico – sandblasted surface with square edges.
Pillowed – honed surface with vertically rounded or shouldered edges.
French Quarter – rough uneven surface and heavily chipped edges.
Maison – is the same finish application as French Quarter with a brushing added to lightly smooth the surface.

At Materials Marketing, we consider these finishes and the flooring and architectural elements that incorporate them, to be both an art and science. So whether we are sandblasting, acid washing, tumbling, waterblasting or chipping our goal is to emulate an authentically aged appearance and that is
an art form in and of itself!

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