Pool an Exterior Tile

Swimming Pool Tiles: Exterior and Interior

A swimming pool at home creates an additional gathering place for family and friends, adds an inviting and beautiful feature to the landscape (or interior), and offers a private area to relax, unwind or get some exercise. Regardless of the climate, it is about lifestyle.

The color values and shapes now available in architectural stone and tile allow for a broad selection from which you can design and produce the components of your swimming pool. Add customization capabilities and the assistance of MML and your project starts to be cost effective, easier to produce and more likely to deliver the best results. Materials Marketing has assisted architects and designers in the creation of some of the most original and elegant swimming pools.

The following are some ideas to help with your vision of installing the right pool for your client or home.

Here, the rectangular shape of the pool contrasts with, but also adds balance to, the patio archways on the home’s exterior, giving it a modern yet traditional look. We hear more and more clients requesting cleaner lines and lighter colored stones; this example demonstrates one style of swimming pool that meets today’s homeowners’ requests. Pattern options like this square and dot arrangement on the pool’s deck are but one of many possibilities.

From the classic rectangular pool to kidney shaped or even to the original design demonstrated here, our goal is to help each client achieve his or her creative vision. In this example, we installed a large square pattern pool deck in our Latte travertine that effectively complements the home’s exterior. A honed or distressed finish can be very important for in order to add more traction when dealing with a pool deck subject to standing water. To add contrast, the pool’s interior can be done in a darker colored tile or stone.

From exterior Olympic-size swimming pools to interior lap pools and everything in between, no job is too big or too small. Here is a prime example of an interior pool with stone architectural walls that are set-off with original lighting.

These are just a few ideas to help with your swimming pool design plan. It would be a pleasure to answer any of your questions regarding MML materials.

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