Yard fountain

Yard Fountains: An Element of Beauty and Tranquility

An outdoor water fountain is a luxurious and inviting decoration. It’s a feature and design focal point that enhances your home’s aesthetic, providing both beauty and tranquility. The soft trickling of falling water is a siren’s call to welcome your busy soul home each day.

If you’re in search of yard fountain ideas, you’re in luck. We’ll talk about everything you need to know when it comes to yard fountains, including materials, types, styles, and placement.

Yard Fountain Materials

Since your yard fountain will live in your outdoor space, it’s essential to consider how the elements might degrade it over time. Natural materials like copper, metal, and ceramic are beautiful and reflect the majesty of the outdoors but are sometimes less resilient. Consider other materials like resin, fiberglass, and cast stone, which are hardier but still lightweight and elegant.1 

Popular materials include:

  • Brass – A brass outdoor fountain is strong and perfect for creating beautiful sculptures, but the material is very heavy. 
  • Ceramic – Ceramic fountains come in a range of beautiful colors and glazes, but they are a more delicate material, especially in the winter.
  • Copper – Copper fountains are fragile but beautiful. Over time, they develop a greenish patina that offers a classic antiquated look.
  • Fiberglass – Fiberglass fountains can imitate the appearance of granite or stone while being much lighter and easier to mold into different shapes; however, they’re less durable than real stone.
  • Granite – Granite fountains are a timeless and versatile choice that can handle frigid temperatures and last decades, but they are extremely heavy. 
  • Resin – Resin fountains are a strong and easy to maintain option that can resemble a range of beautiful natural materials.
  • Stainless Steel – Stainless steel fountains are resilient and easy to clean. They are perfect for a bold contemporary aesthetic.  
  • Natural Stone – In addition to granite, stone fountains can be made of marble and other natural stone that is strong and come in a variety of colors.

Yard Fountain Types

Undoubtedly, as you’ve searched for yard fountain ideas, you’ve found that there are three main types to consider. These include:

  • Floor and Free Standing – A bold accent piece, floor and free-standing fountains can be placed on any level surface. Choose from various styles, materials, and sizes to find the perfect floor or free-standing fountain for your home.
  • Tabletop – The pinnacle of serenity, tabletop fountains are a smaller, more subdued decoration that still offers all of the beauty and relaxation of larger fountains.
  • Wall – Perfect for side yards or even living rooms, wall fountains are a dramatic centerpiece that can transform your home into a lush jungle complete with a tumbling waterfall.

Yard Fountain Styles 

Your outdoor fountain’s material, type, and style form a trifecta that elevates your vision for your home. Choose from styles such as:

  • Birdbath – The birdbath style attracts friendly creatures and offers a wide range of sculptural and decorative elements.
  • Column – Modern and subdued, the column style features one vertical pillar.
  • Rock – The rock style imitates the appearance of a stone to match the rest of your yard.
  • Sculptural – The sculptural style offers a more elaborate decorative centerpiece.
  • Sphere – A beacon of modernity, the sphere style is contemporary and clean.
  • Tiered – In the classic tiered style, water flows between multiple tiers in a gentle cycle.
  • Urn – Reminiscent of antiquity, the urn style offers decorative vases.
  • Waterfall – The waterfall style mimics the downward falling motion of a waterfall.

Yard Fountain Placement

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of yard fountain ideas, it’s time to start thinking about placement. You want your guests to enjoy the gentle music of the flowing water in your yard fountain, so place it somewhere central where it can act as a focal point that pulls the rest of your exterior design together into a cohesive whole.

It’s best to choose the placement of your garden fountain before you purchase it so that you already know all of the necessary specifications. Ensure that you place your backyard waterfall fountain near a source of electricity to run its pump, but away from any children, plants, or pets.2 Also, place it close enough to a water supply like a hose. A yard fountain without water is like a piano without keys.

Yard Fountain Ideas

Nothing communicates splendor and enchantment like an outdoor water fountain. In case you’re still in search of divine inspiration, here are some of our favorite yard fountain ideas:

  • Italian Illusion – Start with Sienna limestone and a reclaimed finish such as “Antico” to create a waterfall fountain reminiscent of an Italian palazzo. A Primavera travertine with a tumbled finish is the perfect choice to conjure a garden fountain reflective of timeless antiquities.
  • Baroque Beauty – Choose American favorite Danby Marble to replicate the most ornate fountain from the Baroque or Rocco periods or create an austere, modern sculpture with sleek, clean lines. A limestone Pewter with a honed finish will help transform your yard into a garden sanctuary with a three-basin fountain featuring finials, intricate patterns, or fluting. 
  • Mosaic Magic – The yard fountain does not begin and end with stone. Select glass or hand-painted tiles to build a magnificent mosaic that emulates the charm of Spanish plazas and Mexican haciendas. 

Whatever your creative vision, there is a style of yard fountain that can make your home sing.

Craft Your Yard Fountain with Materials Marketing

We’ve helped create hundreds of yard fountains inspired by everything from the courtyards of Andalusia to the villas of Morocco. With Materials Marketing’s professional expertise and vast portfolio of architectural stone materials and your yard fountain ideas, we can create a water fountain that will accentuate your exterior design plans and elevate your home.

Work with our creative and highly skilled design teams to combine, mix, and match our stones to craft a yard fountain that brings magic to your home.



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