How to Protect and Clean Marble

Marble is a popular and stylish choice for your home’s bathroom, kitchen, or floors. You will want to make sure that you are taking the proper measures to care for and preserve your natural stone to keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Don’t worry, it’s not hard! We have some tips on how to protect and clean your marble surfaces.

Prevent Scratches

Most marbles have a low abrasion resistance, which means that light scratching can occur with exposure to abrasives. A natural patina will result over time, but you can take measures to prevent major scratches. For instance, use rugs in high traffic areas like entryways. We also recommend using padding under chair and table legs. For countertops, don’t cut directly on the surface of the marble and keep sharp objects off the counter. Use coasters, mats, and stylish trays to protect the surface from glasses and kitchen gadgets. The best way to keep the surface scratch free is to prevent them from happening in the first place.


Marble Kitchen Counters

Seal Your Marble

Marble has a low to moderate absorption rate. This means that marble surfaces are susceptible to staining when something is spilled on them, because the spill can seep into the stone. We recommend having your surface sealed with a high-quality, penetrating sealer prior to use. The sealer will prevent the absorption of liquids, and you will have more time to clean up the spill before it results in a stain. The sealer will preserve the look of your stone and protect it.

Avoid Acids

High acid sensitivity is common among most marbles. This means that acidic foods and cleaning products can corrode the surface of the stone and damage the look and finish. It is recommended to use natural cleaners or cleaners designed specifically for stone and to avoid anything acidic. Don’t clean your marble surfaces with vinegar, bleach, or ammonia or other harsh cleaners like Windex, Lysol, or CLR. It is best to use warm water and a light soap mixture when needed. When acidic foods are spilled like wine, coffee, or juice, make sure to wipe the surface as soon as possible. Always use a soft cloth when cleaning and never anything with bristles or a rough surface.


Marble Kitchen Backsplash


How to Clean

Everyday cleaning of marble is very simple and easy! For floors, wipe with a dust mop and when needed mop with warm water and a mild soap mixture. Make sure to dry the floors, because you don’t want any standing water on the surface. Always use a dust mop over a vacuum. A vacuum can damage the surface and cause chips and scratches. For counters, clean regularly with warm water and a soft cloth. Make sure to wipe any spills frequently to preserve the surface of the counters. When needed, incorporate a light soap mixture. And of course, always wipe dry.


Bathroom with Marble Floors


Protecting and cleaning marble is really simple! The key is prevention. If you have any other questions when it comes to protecting, cleaning, or choosing marble for your home, reach out to one of our experts. We’d be happy to help. Have questions about how to care for and clean travertine stone? Check out this blog post.

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