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Outdoor Fireplaces for Outdoor Living

Spring is in the air, which means it is time to get ready for grilling, pool parties, and relaxing on the patio with a glass of wine. Spring is also the best season to optimize your indoor-outdoor living. And for those crisp spring nights, an outdoor fireplace is the perfect addition to turn your patio into your outdoor living room. Here are the reasons why you should add an outdoor fireplace to your backyard. So, let’s turn that backyard into the ultimate gathering space!

Create a Focal Point

If your living room needs a focal point, then so does your backyard! Make a statement in your outdoor space by adding a stunning fireplace to the hardscape. This will draw your guests’ eye and create a dramatic and luxurious backyard feel. Best part, your guests will have the perfect spot to gather.

outdoor fireplace

Make a Gathering Space

If your backyard doesn’t have defined spaces, then people won’t know where to congregate. When the weather is nice, the last thing you want is for people to gather back inside around the kitchen island or living room tv. An outdoor fireplace helps to define your space and creates a cozy place for guests to gather. On crisp spring nights, the fire is the welcomed warmth that draws people in. So add a few pieces of outdoor furniture and pillows, and you are on your way to the perfect outdoor living space.

outdoor fireplace

An Outdoor Fireplace Expands Your Living Space

What if we told you adding an outdoor fireplace instantly increases your square footage? Well it does! Turn your plain patio into a second living room. (Some stone pavers may also help!) Just because it’s outside doesn’t mean you should write it off as usable living space. By adding a fireplace, outdoor furniture, and accessories, you instantly create a second place for you and your guests to hangout. Now gather around the fire and get back to the basics, like roasting marshmallows.


S’mores! Need we say more?

Finally, our favorite part of having an outdoor fireplace – s’mores! When you create a warm and cozy outdoor space, you are creating a space to make memories and invite in those special moments. So gather round and roast some marshmallows on a cool spring night, tell stories, and reminisce over all the fun you had gathered around campfires of summer’s past.

outdoor fireplace

As you can see, an outdoor fireplace is the perfect springtime addition to your backyard space. So keep the feel of nature, and choose a natural material like natural stone. Here at Materials Marketing, we have over 30 stones and over 10 finishes to choose from, and we can create any mantel design for a truly custom look. Ask one of our experts how we can help you elevate your outdoor living space!

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