The Next Chapter

For the last 50 years, Materials Marketing has been dedicated to providing world-class, bespoke stonework and architectural elements to design professionals and homeowners. 

We’re the same people, the same company, with the same mission. Now we want to simplify and elevate our message and we’re excited to share it with you. Materials Marketing is now MATERIAL Bespoke Stone + Tile.

Expert Design Services

Whether you’re an industry veteran or a homeowner with a creative project ahead of you, our expert designers are standing by to help. Our staff of seasoned pros can help with materials selection, design coordination and even architectural drawings of custom pieces.

Our Products

MATERIAL offers a wide array of products from the latest modern styles to timeless classics. Since we own the factory and several quarries, we can also create matching architectural details like fireplace surrounds, moldings, balusters, and more.

We’re at the forefront of product innovation and selection and have curated the best of the best in terms of both design and material from select vendors in order to provide a one-stop shop for all your materials needs.

The Blog

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